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Were you advised by your JB Hi-Fi sales person to contact the warehouse at least 30 minutes prior to your arrival?

Was our site signage and parking arrangements satisfactory?

How long did it take for your goods to be loaded and the transaction to be completed?

Were you happy with the service provided - were our warehouse staff courteous and professional? *

Considering your warehouse collection experience, how likely are you to recommend JB Hi-Fi to your friends and family? *

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Are there any other comments or observations you would like to provide to help us improve the JB experience for our customers?

Please note; if there are any issues with the goods collected (fault, damage), please contact your store of purchase (or JB Hi-Fi contact) if not already doneso.
* JB Hi-Fi’s privacy policy (available on the JB Hi-Fi website) contains important information about how JB Hi-Fi will handle your personal information, and other information required to be disclosed by JB Hi-Fi to you under the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).  You should read JB Hi-Fi’s privacy policy before providing any personal information to JB Hi-Fi. By providing the personal information requested, you agree to JB Hi-Fi’s privacy policy.

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