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Did 2 persons from our carrier company perform the delivery of your TV in to your room of choice? *

If 2 persons were not involved in delivery, & or the TV was not placed in your room of choice, please answer no.
Were you happy with the delivery service - was the delivery crew courteous and professional? *

Did the delivery meet your expectations – e.g. was it the right stock (as ordered) and was it delivered in ‘good condition’. *

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Please note; if there are any issues with the delivered goods (fault, damage), please contact your store of purchase (or JB Hi-Fi contact) if not already doneso.
And finally, 2 quick questions to help us think about how we can improve our delivery service in the future

Thinking about your large TV purchase from JB Hi-Fi, how important is delivery on the same day as your purchase? *

Tick the statement below which best describes how you think about Same Day Delivery

Our final question, unfortunately we were unable to offer you a delivery 'window' preference on this occasion for your TV purchase; if you could choose a delivery 'window' please indicate what your preference would be? *

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